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Interested in EMR/EHR Software?

Benefits of EMR/EHR Software

Implementing certified EMR software brings many benefits to your practice. EMR-office delivers on the promise of Electronic Health Records to increase productivity and improve patient care in small to mid-sized medical offices. It combines the right mix of rich functionality, intuitive ease of use, and affordability needed to enable rapid and complete documentation with a minimum of cost and disruption. EMR-office is the complete EHR Solution for the medical office.

Improved Charting

EMR-office was designed and refined over many years by a practicing physician to provide superior charts with a minimal amount of time and effort. With features like Templates and PopUp Text, your documentation is complete, accurate and legible.

More Patients In Less Time

Many of our doctors report that they can increase their patient load without extending their hours. And when they leave for the day, all of their charts are complete. No more evening and weekend charting.

Improved Coding

Coding correctly means improved profitability for the practice. The E&M Coder built into the EMR enables doctors to capture all of the information needed to code correctly. The EMR software will generate the proper codes from the description of the diagnosis and procedures determined by the physician. This information can be transferred directly to MedOffice, your billing service system!

No Lost Or Misplaced Charts

Medical offices run on patient charts. If one is lost, misplaced, or even stalled at one location in the office, an office visit can grind to a halt. With EMR-office software, patient charts are always available, and can be used by more than one staff member at a time.

Dramatically Improved Workflow

With EMR, patient information is easier to access, update, use and share. From "always available" patient charts to integrated tools like Messaging, ToDo Lists, and shared scheduling, EMR-office makes the medical office run more efficiently.

Legible Prescriptions

The EMR software's prescription handling capabilities print or fax accurate prescriptions every time - in a form that is complete and readable and complies with state-specific requirements. Patients or their pharmacists will never again have to call you back to clarify an unreadable or incomplete prescription.

Fully Informed Specialists

Successful medical referrals depend on complete information exchanged between physicians. EMR-office makes it fast and efficient to pass relevant medical data to specialists to ensure better care and more satisfied patients.

Higher Confidence/Faster Visits

With EMR-office, patients know that doctors have complete medical information and history, including test results, prescriptions, and previous diagnoses, instantly available at the point of care. And many visits are faster due to higher levels of efficiency.

EMR/EHR Software Features

Our EMR Software's design concentrates frequently accessed patient data on just a few screens.

EMR Software Practice View screen provides an up-to-the-minute overview of all office activity. At-a-glance tools include:

  • Calendar

  • ToDo's with visual status indicators

  • Patient Tracker with color coding

  • Detailed message list with patient identifiers

  • Appointment schedule

  • Resource Use

  • Clinical Practice Improvement Activities

  • Advancing Care Information

Patient Chart

The Patient Chart provides a comprehensive and logical view of all data related to a specific patient. Static elements are on the left and events are listed by category in an "event tree" on the right.


Static Information:

Demographics, Allergies, Problem List, Other Sensitivities, Routine Meds, Previous Medical History, Referring Doctor, Family, Medical History, Chart Note, Social History, Insurance


Encounters, Immunizations, Labs, Imaging, Medical Tests, Flow Sheets, Text Records, Excuses/Notes, Additional User-Definable Categories

Office Visit

Our EMR Software's Office Visit screen enables rapid and complete documentation of an entire office visit with little or no typing.


Classic SOAP Format:

  • (S) Subjectives

  • (O) Objectives

  • (A) Assessment

  • (P) Plan

OV Components:

Chief Complaint, Review of Systems, Vitals, Examination, Diagnoses, Prescriptions, Tests, Procedures, Other Treatment, Follow-up

Labs Connectivity

Our established Interfaces automatically deliver discrete lab results to the EMR desktop and offer "Adaptive Mapping" technology that no other EMR/EHR product can match. Now available for Quest, LabCorp, Spectrum, Carilion, Westcliff, Meditech, Clinical Labs of Hawaii, Ohio Health, Banner Health, Doctor's Laboratory and Interpath with many more labs in development.


File Cabinet Document Center

The EMR-office File Cabinet Document Center is the answer to the problem of managing papers in the medical office. Used in conjunction with the EMR software, the File Cabinet is a comprehensive document management solution that transforms the endless stream of forms, reports, letters, and other paper-based data into a valuable information resource. Attach documents to specific patient charts to retrieve, view, and edit documents in their native programs. Only our EMR Office offers this unique functionality.


Productivity Center

The EMR Productivity Center is a suite of integrated productivity tools that enable doctors to write letters, send messages, track staff office hours, process results, retrieve and edit documents, and access non-patient related data such as medical websites. All PC tools are tied into the charting system and make it easy to complete most medical office tasks without accessing other resources - or even opening another program. These powerful capabilities are available only with our EMR software.


Additional Opportunities

The Quality Payment Program makes Medicare better by helping you focus on care quality and the one thing that matters most – making patients healthier. The Quality Payment Program gives you new tools, models, and resources to help you give your patients the best possible care. You can choose how you want to take part based on your practice size, specialty, location, or patient population.

The Quality Payment Program has 2 tracks you can choose from:

Merit-Based Incentive Program (MIPS)

Rolls existing quality programs (Physician Quality Reporting System, Value-Based Payment Modifier, and Meaningful Use) into one budget-neutral program where providers are scored on quality, cost, improvement activities, EHR2 use, and assigned payment adjustments accordingly.

Physicians qualifying under the MIPS (Nearly 90% of eligible clinicians will likely be subject to the MIPS track for payment in 2019) are required to report under four performance categories:

  • Quality

  • Resource Use

  • Clinical Practice Improvement Activities

  • Advancing Care Information

Advanced Alternative Payment Models (APMs)

Rewards providers with a 5% annual bonus from 2019-2024 if they have a significant share of their Medicare revenue and/or patients in contracts that include two-sided payment risk (e.g. Next Generation ACO program).

Finance Program Available for Clinics Purchasing EHR Manager Today

  • Doctors can get Certified EMR software today with no cash outlay

  • No payments due for the first 90 days

  • Then 3 monthly payments of $99

  • Regular payments commence in the 7th month

  • Subject to credit approval

* Information about government incentives and meaningful use can be found at

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