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Medical Billing Services

Prices start as low as 2.99%.
We will price match any rate from our competitors.

A boutique, done-for-you service:

A/R Recovery

Claim correction & resubmission

Daily claims entry

Dedicated follow-up

Denial management

Electronic claim submission

Weekly & monthly customized reports

Managing collections

Patient inquiries & statements

Payment posting

Tracking claims management

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Our end-to-end medical billing services provide maximum reimbursement for our clients while reducing overall costs. We just don’t monitor your account we actively manage it.

  • Daily claims entry

  • Electronic and paper claim submission

  • Dedicated follow-up

  • Claim correction and/or re-submission

  • Government, commercial, and private billing

  • Weekly / monthly customized reports

  • Patient statements* (soft collections, up to 3 past due notices)

  • Payment posting/adjustments

  • Denial management

  • Tracking/claims management

  • Managing collections

  • Patient inquires

  • A/R recovery

  • Dedicated Account Manager

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Electronic Medical Billing

Electronic Funds Transfer

Creative Collection Solution

Electronic Medical Billing

See how switching from Paper Claims to Electronic Claims can improve your bottom line.

How many insurance claims do you file annually?

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